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Holding a Microphone



The Actor

As an all-round entertainer, one of the many art forms that I love expressing my creativity through, is the art of acting. I first started performing at a very young age as an improviser, which felt incredibly freeing - it was my first love. This love then lead me to devote my early studies to the performance arts. As I performed, and studied more in depth, I began to do it professionally. Since making this decision to be an actor, I've been lucky enough to perform across many different forms of media. From theatrical stage performances, to on-screen performances in commercials, TV shows and movies, I have been blessed to make this dream of mine a reality, and I know it is still only the beginning of a fun-filled successful career!

Below, you can check out some of my recent works as an actor in both the on-camera world, and the voice-over world. Thank you very much for your interest, support and involvement in my professional acting endeavors! Enjoy the content!

Film Set

I've always loved music. I've always loved lyrics. I've always loved vocals.

Any time I'd hear a beat I loved, while growing up, I'd learn all of the lyrics to the song and rap along and sing along. I'd then make up my own lyrics to music and rap or sing on top of the recording artist myself! I used to see myself as just an actor, but I couldn't ignore this immense passion that I had for music... I would create my own songs as a kid, and I loved every step of the process - from producing the beat or editing an already-existing one, to writing my own lyrics to recording and performing. I cannot lie that comedic music, and parodies, are some of my favourite genres. Undoubtedly, lyrics mean a lot to me, and I find the words of a song to be the essence of the song. That's what resonates with me most, personally, and I found that a lot of music that was mainstream, unfortunately, did not have the best lyrics... So, I decided to creat an entire album on my own called "Lyrics, the Mixtape" which aimed at expressing a few uplifting and fun messages from my heart, to add more of what I wanted to hear into the music mix.

You can check out that album below, as well as a few other of my songs too! Thank you for loving my music, and inspiring me to continue to create and have fun with this beautiful art form! Enjoy!

Making Music

Creativity knows no bounds. One aspect I appreciate about the avenue of social media, is that it affords me the opportunity to present my message, my thoughts, my ideas, my creations, to my audience, directly. I'm not portraying a character that someone else wrote - I'm presenting a part of me, that I have personally designed. Authentic creativity with a purpose. I have my ups and downs with social media in general, my likes and my dislikes, but I am grateful that I can be a part of it in a way that is uplifting to my audience. As a tool, it is great - I can reach many people and put a smile on people's faces, and maybe even inspire them to be better versions of themselves. It's also a way for me to teach yoga to those that are interested in self-development and care.

If you're interested in following me on any of my social media platforms, or in checking out all of my content, click the link below, and you will have full access to absolutely everything that I do online in the social media realm.



James "Immortal CORE" Jabbour

As you can see, I really am an all-round entertainer, and my goal with Immortal CORE Entertainment is to spread the vibrations of joy, love, peace, and unity in all of my messages, creations, art, and work. My desire is to provide solely uplifting content to my audience, whether it be a simple meme, a heartfelt rant, or a strong passionate performance. I can't help but feel that we all deserve to smile, feel good, breathe easy, and live well together. I find the arts to be extremely powerful. There is a reason why there have been attempts to control what is said, in many forms. True free expression of the heart, in any form (be it comedy, music, film, etc.) has immense power to awaken other hearts to higher vibrational living. I intend to be that upliftment with my work, for whoever happens to enjoy tuning into my channel.

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