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The Recording Artist

As a recording artist, I go by Immortal CORE, and I happen to wear many hats - I'm not just a vocal performer! I rap, I sing, I write every song I perform, I co-produce every track, and I have fun doing it all!

Obviously, for me, it's not only the beats that get me going when it comes to music, but also the vocal performances and lyrics. I've always had a huge love for that part - the vocal aspects of songs. I used to rap and freestyle and sing my heart out ever since I was a young boy. I have an affinity for memorizing lyrics really quickly, and everyone around me could attest to it after hearing me perform countless songs on repeat, word-for-word!

Since my early high school days, I've wanted to become a recording artist as well as an actor, even though I pursued acting first. Eventually, I decided to make my dream come true, and go from making amateur music just for fun, to making professional music, with lots of fun! I put my heart into every single song that I've made thus far, from the singles, to the album, and there's plenty more yet to come! I'm just getting started.

My favourite genres include hip-hop/rap, r&b, inspirational, comedy, and parody.

Check out my first album, above, called "Lyrics, the Mixtape" - focused on lyrics! My heart's message is in each and every track. From spoken word, to inspirational music, to comedy tracks, this album truly has it all, and is a wonderful listen, from start to finish!

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