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Film Set


On-Camera Acting Work

This is a trailer for Dashing Home for Christmas - a feature film that I had the pleasure of working on!

These are some behind-the-scenes photographs from some of the recent projects that I've had the pleasure of working on!


The Actor

As an all-round entertainer, one of the many art forms that I love expressing my creativity through, is the art of acting. I first started performing at a very young age as an improviser, which felt incredibly freeing - it was my first love. This love then lead me to devote my early studies to the performance arts. As I performed, and studied more in depth, I began to do it professionally. Since making this decision to be an actor, I've been lucky enough to perform across many different forms of media. From theatrical stage performances, to on-screen performances in commercials, TV shows and movies, I have been blessed to make this dream of mine a reality, and I know it is still only the beginning of a fun-filled successful career!

On this page, you can check out some of my recent works as an on-camera actor. Thank you very much for your interest, support and involvement in my professional acting endeavors! Enjoy the content!

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