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Digital social media



The All-Round Entertainer

Creativity knows no bounds. One aspect I appreciate about the avenue of social media, is that it affords me the opportunity to present my message, my thoughts, my ideas, my creations, to my audience, directly. I'm not portraying a character that someone else wrote - I'm presenting a part of me, that I have personally designed. Authentic creativity with a purpose. I have my ups and downs with social media in general, my likes and my dislikes, but I am grateful that I can be a part of it in a way that is uplifting to my audience. As a tool, it is great - I can reach many people and put a smile on people's faces, and maybe even inspire them to be better versions of themselves. It's also a way for me to teach yoga to those that are interested in self-development and care.

Follow me on any of the social media channels that you enjoy, and tune in for the entertainment!

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