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So Be It Union & Unite App

Tadastu Yoga

So Be It Union

$1,000 Sign-Up

I call you and welcome you to the Union

Your name is listed in the group, wherever the group is mentioned

That’s It.

It's a VIP donation.

Your money goes towards funding the Immortal CORE School of Yoga, and the Unite App

Unite App

A worldwide polling app to promote unity

Aim is to show we are more alike than different

Also can see how people really feel about worldwide events

See data on how people feel about each poll, by regions, and so on

Become a citizen of Earth (name the country), a country without borders

You can have dual-citizenship, there are no taxes, there is no currency

If you join this country, you are simply taking the following oath:

Peaceful oath, Unity Oath

Tell everyone you know that you are a part of Earth (or other country name)

That you are a citizen of the one country for all human beings

This is truly us, together

Let us come together

Let nothing stop us

May there be peace for every single citizen of Earth.

Security must be in place to ensure no spam. Only one vote per account. Link number to avoid multiple accounts per person.

Yes, we collect your information to use the functions of the app. We do not track your data, no cross-tracking, no funny business, just straight up, nothing hidden, you get what you see, full transparency, full trust, fair business, no bias, open dialogue, no spin, just union, unabashed union. Let us all actually come together.

Make a donation possible for each cause.

So be it union is a set price of $1,000.

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